WHO we are


Aromas Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to building a better future for children in poverty.The mission of corporate social responsibility was developed from the chain of restaurants Aromas del Peru, a family franchise business, established in Miami since 2003. All the restaurants Aromas of Peru are committed to the cause of the Aromas Foundation. Collaborating with others is the passion of human capital, sustained in the philosophy of "providing help is an honor that allows us to make a difference".


"We believe that those who have been blessed have a responsibility to share that blessing with those who need it most."


WHat we do 



Fundación Aromas’s mission is to provide assistance and resources to children living in poverty in order to improve their health, education, quality of life, and inspire the commitment of others in their environment in order to ultimately prioritize their needs within the community.




Aromas Foundation is a distinguished institution promoting responsibility towards children in a state of vulnerability. We build bridges that increase opportunities for a better future, with assistance of the community and key players who experience the blessing of giving more to positively impact the world.



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Fundacion Aromas is a non-profit focused on giving children in extreme poverty necessities, food, education, toys, and a better quality of life. Our success is measured when we make a child smile. We believe that those that have been blessed have a responsibility to share that blessing with others. A child in need is our responsibility, we can't wait for someone else to help when we have the ability to make a difference.



Chimbote City, Peru



Lima City, Peru


Ecuador - natural disaster releif

Colombia - building homes

Isreal - Sending money to children


Fundacion Aromas BookBag Project 

We want children to feel loved and give them as much as we can during our visits. We can feed them for the day, give them toys to enjoy, but we also provide book bags filled with personal items, first aid supplies, clothes, toys, and educational items.


What we provide?

Food | First Aid | Bookbags | School Supplies | Toys | Clothes | Dental Supplies | Financial Assistance | Medical Services


How you can help?

Donate now to help make an impact in the lives of children around the world.


Our success is measured when we make a child smile.



"To be the pioneer of Peruvian food in Miami; Developing my dreams, giving them life and establishing this organization has not been an easy task.Thank you to the support and work from my family. Today, together we are one of the most successful Peruvian food franchises in South Florida. This family business could not ignore the needs of one the most vulnerable groups in our society, our children. This is why our restaurants, together, are committed to the cause of the Aromas Foundation, an institution committed to bringing smiles to children living in poverty. In our business model, each guest collaborates with the mission of the foundation; We combine Peruvian culinary art with corporate philanthropy.This year we had many dreams to fulfill. Our experience has shown us that, with passion, focus, commitment, and innovation; we can make a difference! I am convinced that, while working together, we will achieve great results and sow many more smiles in children who need it so much."



Marita Astete,

President of Fundación Aromas


Fundación Aromas

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